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Merry Cannabis to you & a Happy New Leaf!

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Featured Articles:

  • Fred Mallach: Victoria candidate | First 39th Election Candidate confirmed by Elections Canada.
  • Merry Cannabis and a Happy New Leaf! | Merry Cannabis & a Happy New Leaf from Santa Cannabis. Best list for Marijuana Claus’ Candidates & Electors.
  • If you wish to be lucky, give us money! | We can only accept gifts from individual Canadian residents.
  • Become Marijuana Party Candidates | Nominations will close Monday, January 2, 2006, at 2:00 p.m.
  • Making Electoral District Associations | The best way to prepare to become or assist Candidates BEFORE elections.
  • They say "financial responsibility" ... but, with cannabis illegal? | Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party is promising "financial responsibility" if they govern the country, however, the continued war on drugs is an extreme act of financial irresponsibility, wasting billions of dollars each year.
  • Pot Prohibition History | From 1923 to whenever?
  • No Harm Reduction by Supreme Court of Canada

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