How Is Cannabidiol Extracted?

The purity of CBD oil or cannabidiol is measured by how it’s extracted.

If the oil is not extracted with care, it will lead to watered down benefits. This is why it’s important to analyze which method is employed to extract the oil. There are several different ways of extracting CBD oil. Some processes are efficient while others are dangerous with harmful side effects.

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a common compound found in the cannabis plant.

When extracted efficiently, this is one of the most potent natural compounds in the world. It is well regarded for offering a plethora of advantages including antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, and cancer relief benefits.

Of course, the world is far more familiar with the second compound found in a cannabis plant named “THC.” With THC, you’re able to obtain a high that is well-popularized around the world.

Let’s take a look at the first compound named CBD to illustrate how it’s extracted for use.

Benefits of Pure Extraction

Why should you be looking at the finest extraction method when it comes to cannabidiol?

  • Purity of Cannabidiol Concentrate Dependent Upon Extraction Method
  • Advantages of Cannabidiol Concentrate Increase
  • Faster Extraction
  • Safer Extraction

These are the primary reasons why a pure extraction is the sole aim of separating CBD from the cannabis plant. If you’re not emphasizing this, you’re taking a real risk with the quality of your resulting concentrate.

Extraction Methods

CO2 Extraction

The first extraction method comes in the form of CO2 extraction.

This method is often reserved for larger firms or growing setups because of the equipment necessary to do a good job. Without appropriate equipment, it’s impossible to use the CO2 extraction method.

The premise of this extraction method is to control carbon dioxide and apply high pressure at low temperatures for extraction purposes.

While it works like a charm and often produces the purest CBD concentrate, it also is the costliest. This has to be kept in mind while considering the various extraction options available on the market to acquire CBD. With the right setup, this works like a treat.

Chemical Solvent based Extraction

The next extraction method is solvent-based.

It starts with a deep understanding of the cannabis plant and how it’s supposed to be handled. During the process, the cannabis plant is placed into selective solvents to create a strained concentrate. The extraction process eliminates the excess plant along with any leftover solvents.

It’s important to note this requires a trained hand along with appropriate equipment to do a good job. If done improperly, the entire setup can fail leading to woeful returns. In general, this is reserved for scientists with years of experience in handling solvents.

Over time, these professionals gain experience and recognize how to maximize solvents for extraction purposes. These professionals are respected for their work and are often paid a lot to complete the task.

Olive Oil Extraction

The final extraction method is to use olive oil and its natural properties.

The goal is to take a CBD-rich plant and infuse it with olive oil. If you’re able to do this properly, the cannabidiol concentrate will come out as intended. Of course, there is a catch to using olive oil for extraction purposes.

The results are not as efficient, and the concentrate is average in quality. Most who use this method tend to have home-based setups that require minimal output. In most cases, the potency is not as strong as one would like for it to be and that can be a source of concern.

For those who are looking to go with a minimalistic solution to get the job done, this is it.

Please note, each extraction method comes with its pros and cons. It’s the resulting variables that play a role in which extraction method is appropriate for your needs. For the average person, olive oil is the right way to go, while professional companies will prefer a CO2 or solvent-based approach.

In the end, the goal is to have a pure, clean cannabidiol concentrate that offers all of the robust advantages one expects.