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(stranger )
6/27/04 10:10 AM
Re: Victory [Post#: 3961 / re: 3956 ] Reply to this post

Every single party will need the Marijuana Party to end prohibtion.

Actually, almost all four parties got a platform on the subject.

Their point of view still cannabis is bad.

We think cannabis is good.

Big step between the others parties and the Marijuana Party.

Anyway, they will need to be kick in the ass.

Did you see before a political party keep their hypocrite commitment ?

It would need a radical party each time to force the Ungovernment to change any law, who'S going against the bully.

P.S. Radical came from Radix. Radix means roots. So, when you want to put out a dangerous situation, you must take all the roots out to end the real problem.

Don't be lazy

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