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(stranger )
6/23/04 07:12 PM
great dane [Post#: 3903 ] Reply to this post

what ever became of the findings of the great dane commission.
it was a big deal back then,but it kind of dissapeared into
thr frrest.

6/24/04 03:49 AM
Re: great dane new [Post#: 3924 / re: 3903 ] Reply to this post

thats happens to a lot of evidence that shows marijuana is a good thing!

The prohibiitonists like to ignore the evidence
and claim REEFER MADNESS a movie of fiction is the god given truth that can not be disputed.

Its all they ever do!, if you don't believe me just read a certain thread around here!

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!

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