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6/9/04 07:55 AM
7 Candidates in British Columbia [Post#: 3744 ] Reply to this post

Abbotsford Marijuana Party Parti Marijuana Felger Tim

Chilliwack--Fraser Canyon Marijuana Party Parti Marijuana Siefken Norm

Kelowna Marijuana Party Parti Marijuana Plourde Huguette

Nanaimo--Alberni Marijuana Party Parti Marijuana Mann Michael

North Okanagan--Shuswap Okanagan-Nord--Shuswap Marijuana Party Parti Marijuana Longley Blair T.

Southern Interior Marijuana Party Parti Marijuana Cyr Karine

Vancouver East Vancouver-Est Marijuana Party Parti Marijuana Boyer Marc

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!

(Webdude and QC candidate)
6/10/04 04:22 PM
8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3751 / re: 3744 ] Reply to this post

Okay here's a little update:
There will be a candidate in the Okanagan—Coquihalla riding so that makes 8 in B.C., and a grand total of 71 from coast to coast.

A lot of people have deserted the MP to join the NDPot as you know, and this is a little frustrating since we had 73 candidates back in 2000. But let's wish good luck to the NDPot, they have the same goal after all...

The good news is there are more people now in AB, MAN, and even Yukon! There are more candidates in the regions of Ontario and Quebec, etc. So the Party is less Montreal or T.O.-centric, and I'm very optimistic about that.

6/10/04 05:07 PM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3752 / re: 3751 ] Reply to this post

". . . A lot of people have deserted the MP to join the NDPot as you know. .. "

Really? I don't see them running as candidates for them. . .
All I really see is a very outspoken group of activists from BC gagging themselves for this election and the next one in the fall. . .
what, they might have 100 to 200 people read that mag this month and see they sold out to that wantabe big money political union ruled TAX AND SPEND machine

and 8 candidates ! WOW WTG BC!

That makes 71 Candidates! , thats over 3 million voters seeing "Marijuana Party of Canada" on the ballot That makes them think about it and that, thats victory beyond belief, and far far more than whatever his name is in bc is doing.
3 million Voters seeing that word Marijuana on the ballot. Thats acomplishment, and we did it on our own.

Boris, the realistic leader of REPEAL! he put his name and party name on the ballot and runs against the PM. that is beyond bravery, its heroic and far more than anyone else in Canada has ever done!

Boris for Order of Canada. :)

YES , it was so important to the wantabe big money union ruled party, that they put it all the way down on page 56. One paragraph, and they say they want to lock up impared drivers. LOL all the studies say it makes drivers drive safer.

"UK cops are persisting in introducing a series of roadside tests for stoned drivers, despite a study released by the UK Transport Research Laboratory in August 2000, which found that pot-smoking has a minimal if not beneficial effect on driving performance.

The government-funded study was launched under pressure from anti-drug and driving groups, and was an embarrassment to the British Ministers who had expected it to support their anti-stoned-driving campaigns.

The British study confirmed the results of a wide variety of research into stoned driving from around the world:

A 1983 study by the US National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) used stoned drivers on simulators, and concluded that the only statistically significant effect associated with marijuana use was slower driving.

A comprehensive 1992 study by the NHTSA found that marijuana is rarely involved in driving accidents, except when combined with alcohol. It concluded that "the THC-only drivers had an [accident] responsibility rate below that of the drug free drivers While the difference was not statistically significant, there was no indication that cannabis by itself was a cause of fatal crashes." This study was buried for six years and not released until 1998.

Another NHTSA study performed in 1993 dosed Dutch drivers with THC and tested them on real Dutch roads. It concluded that "THC's adverse effects on driving performance appear relatively small."

A massive 1998 study by the University of Adelaide and Transport South Australia analyzed blood samples from 2,500 accidents, and found that drivers with cannabis in their system were actually slightly less likely to cause accidents than those without.

A University of Toronto study released in March 1999 found that moderate pot users typically refrained from passing cars and drove at a more consistent speed than non-users. . . "

And it looks as if our prohibitionist loving Big Money wantabe union ruled TAX AND SPEND political party is all ready to sign on to this invasion of our Rights and Freedoms , instead of standing up tall and proud for our rights and freedoms, as guaranteed by law.

We did not Decriminalize Alcohol prohibition, nor did we Recriminalize Alcohol, and we never Legalized Alcohol. We Repealed Alcohol Prohibition that started in Alberta, and we can repeal Marijuana Prohibition.

You can help repeal Prohibition like our ancestors did. Support the only Political party with a realistic Platform that is easy to understand simple to implement and beneficial to All. Support the Marijuana Party how ever you can.

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!

6/11/04 09:09 AM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3754 / re: 3752 ] Reply to this post

Livin in bc on the island for over 25yrs. Talking to ppl over 40 yrs of age, livin provincally under ndp. We are all tired of the ndp lies and scams. Thats how the liberals got in last provincal vote. Now they too are showing there true colours . Since now each vote is worth something more now, with the money the ndp gets from ppl voting. Will not be used it to help support mj. Instead use it to increase the membership of unions. Livin on the island, the ndp left us alot of clear cuts to remind us. Cant say been watchin the fast cat ferrie driving buy anytime soon. I really believe like many here, Jack Layton might believe in changing mj, but at what cost. How much will they line there own pockets. Ehh Glan Clark and his cansino and bingo scams. I fight for the enviroment, from 1981 save the whales to the Clayquot sound logging. After all these yrs, still cant trust a unionized party, as all i will see, is less trees, more whales dying, and taxed mj. Then the ndp say they will help health care from taxes on mj. But nothing said about saving our eco system. Maybe if we had a cleaner, safer, ecological place to live. We might need less health care. Without trees, without mother nature helpin us, we will not survive anyways. Just look at how much cancer there is today. Just try to swim next to stelco in hamilton ontario, in cootes paradise. Theres some great ndp support there too. I wouldnt want to see the islands like that. So we must look and see, just what a union really does. If the group at CC is into ndp, well why not print the mag with union workers, or the ndp printed material Marc had done, why not have the union tag on it. Well after lookin at the CC mags, guess they must be supporting union, as its not printed on hemp paper, nor on recyclable paper, cant seem to find the logo. Just my 2 cents, knowing mj isnt all about just gettin high, or is it. So good luck to all who are running for the mj party, glad to see theres still canadians not selling out. Sorry for my spelling, ive tried to go back to school, but the provincal ndp busted my ass , so i couldnt get back in. Give it shit, work hard, there are alot in bc, watchin , and are focused at what cost we have all ready paid.

6/11/04 09:51 AM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3755 / re: 3754 ] Reply to this post

Yes, that is the sentiment right across Canada.

And typos are a part of life, I make them all the time, and usually they are not too bad, the gist of what people convey is always there, and I find that just the nutbars and such complain about the typos on the net.

In every province and territory, people are sick of getting ripped off by all the scandle plauged pocket lining Governments.

nd whatever, cons libbies, no difference but the spelling. They are all the Big Money Party there for themselves and thats it.

The only time they actually seam to give a dam is when it's election time. And then they all promise the full moon waving in the sky. All you got to do is pucker up and Vote for it, and there will be a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage and things will all be better!

LOL its a broken record they all play every day when its election time. Yet which ever is in there, its scandle after scandle, robbing of the taxpayers pockets, until everyone is desensitized they see so much crap day after month after year after decade.
then they do not Vote, for they figure there is no one to vote for.

Well now there is. It is the Marijuana Party. We do not have hoakie decrim buried somewhere down on page 56 and give it one paragraph as some political parties do.

No we have right there all over the web site, on almost every page there is.

Our party name is new, brave, bold, idealistic, Canadian, and shows we have a platform that is multifacetted yet simplistic in its form. Our name is so thought provoking the media almost refuses to publish it, unless, because of ratings and profit, they can make someone look like a herb smoking madperson. Because that thing they are scared of, the Truth, is:

Our realistic platform Works!

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!

6/11/04 11:20 AM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3758 / re: 3755 ] Reply to this post

Wishs you were still in forums on cc, glad i found this, i like to see the debate as the election gets near. Lies Lies and more Lies, The sky is blue the sea is green

6/11/04 07:23 PM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3759 / re: 3758 ] Reply to this post

Well this forum is better as it seams to have no totalitarian dictator censoring and banning people because they debate them into the ground on political party platforms.

That totalitarian censoring stuff may be an influence of the Big Money political parties. After all thier prose is sweet sounding, thier manners impecable, thier typos non-existant as editor after editor makes sure there isnt any like my e-scripts have. Thier promises are many, thier retoric filled with wonderful sounding words that say over and over "Vote for me, because I say so."

Unfortuantly, though thier promises are well written and have no typos, they are hollow and filled with nought but hot air. Thats why the tempature is rising all over the world In My Opinion.

The Marijuana Party on the other hand has a realistic platform that is simple to understand, easier to implement, and benificial to all in Canada at no extra cost to the taxpayer!

This is why there is 8 heroic candidates in BC.

I can understand why some in BC decided not to run in this election. After all it takes Bravery and such things to be a Candidate for the political party with the coolest T-Shirts on the debate podium. . .
It's far far easier to sit back and throw your support behind a Big Money Political party. That way you don't have to do much but perhaps throw some money at a printer or two.

that is the Big Money political party way. To do none of the work, and claim all the credit. After all look how they all unsuccessfully tried to copy the successful, easy to implement, beneficial to all,
Marijuana Party Platform . And of course none of them give credit or mention the Marijuana Party. In Fact most calim, they did it all on thier own!

It is great to see so many Candidates running in BC, And in My Opinion That is part of the reasons why so many in BC decided to run this election as candidates for the Marijuana Party of Canada.
Bravery, and a realistic platform.

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!

6/13/04 11:03 AM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3769 / re: 3759 ] Reply to this post

6/13/04 11:22 AM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3770 / re: 3769 ] Reply to this post

an absolutely awesome site!

HAve you all noticed that only the Marijuana Party

has a message board forum?:)

I suppose the other political parties are too scared of new technologies or something. . .

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!

6/15/04 12:56 PM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3796 / re: 3752 ] Reply to this post

I'm wondering if you could post the links concerning driving and marijuana use that you got your stats from

6/15/04 02:29 PM
Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71 new [Post#: 3797 / re: 3796 ] Reply to this post

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!

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