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In response to:

Poster: zeke
Subject: Re: drole de lettre au Mirror

Cette lettre a ete envoyer au
journal Mirror cette semaine.

Le nom de l'auteur ma fait bien rire...

Est-ce que quelqu'un d'autre sait
qui est 'Lyle Howard Seave'?
(si vous ecouter les Lone Gunmen,
cela saute au yeux!)

Moi, chu bien d'accord...Boris a tres bien fait dans
ces pseudo-sondages et merite d'etre sur le cover de toute facon.




I glanced at the BOM awards this
year just like I would a road side pile-up.
This annual exercice by anglo navel gazers who wished they lived on the Plateau but are afraid to leave the confines of Cote St. Luc and NDG is actually saved by the quality of some answers but still cant overcome the idiotic and juvenile questions or topics.
(Best minority? Why not a pissing contest or just cut all pretense and just have everyone drop their trousers and see 'whose is bigger'?)

If you need further proof that the BOM are a sham, then you need only go to the Best Politician results.

At first glance, you might think that the fact that Jean Charest and Lucien Bouchard finished 3rd and 4th is enough to wonder about the sanity of participants but it is the first passage of GEORGE MADDUX's otherwise excellent article on Paul Cliche which brings us to the above realization:

"Paul Cliche belts out a big, slow-developing triumphant belly laugh when told that Montrealers
have voted him their favourite politician."

Only problem is Marijuana Party of Canada leader Marc "Boris" St-Maurice (who placed in other categories as well) was the 'winner', not Cliche, who finished 2nd.

With editorial like this, who needs Pravda (or the Gazette)?

To rectify this error, Maddux should do a 2 page interview (along with the cover photo) with Mr.St.Maurice who should have been featured in the article instead of Cliche.

Not correcting this error will only serve to prove that the BOM are a joke that no one reads: not even the Mirror's own writers.

Yours truly,

Lyle Howard Seave
The Marijuana Anti-Defamation League
Chapter 420-b
Eastern Plateau District
Sub-committee For Media Blathering and Dissonance