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Poster: Anonymous
Subject: Re: VOTE or face more of the same!

And it is not just the farm and the family on that farm that REPEAL saves!

REPEAL creates vast economic opportuniy for those Kids that get sensible education with progressive health care, when REPEAL makes a nation more Canadian!

REPEAL creates textiles, tree free papers and a army of other environmental friendly products.

REPEAL creates vast sums of new tax revenues and frees up huge amounts of resources threw savings in law enforcement.

REPEAL literally saves BILLIONS just in money, and frees up people for better things.

REPEAL puts the True North, Strong and Free back into that nation named Canada.

REPEAL restores rights and freedoms, and gives the family sitting at the table better quality of life.

REPEAL is what the Marijuana Party stands for. REPEAL is a multi-facetted platform that effects all the issues.

Support REPEAL, by supporting the Marijuana Party however you can.

The Marijauna Party is a Federal Party with support from Coast to coast to coast, including Quebec and Ontario. A federal Party there for all of Canada.

this Election, make a difference, take ten of your friends down to the poll and make your VOTE and thier Vote count and:

VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY, the real party that cares.