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Poster: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Layton sucks

During the time ndp was provincally in power in bc. As they were over spending for ferries, casinos and other government funded programs. Even having the dea increase there presence in bc. Do you remeber when CC members had rallys in front of dea offices in vancouver. But during ndp,s time helpin in the war on drugs, how many females went missing from east end vancoucer to willys pig farm. Maybe mj does cause short term memory. Eh, too some of the cc members. After thinking about how much crap we saw from the ndp in bc,i just cant lower myself to their level. Jack Layton or not, just for the missing women of east end, i couldnt. No matter how much money a party has wasted or scammed, nothin brings back the women that willy got a hold of. As grow ops gettin busted, 97 cafes, marc seed bank, just cant trust it. Good luck guys and girls in this election,