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Poster: MPoA
Subject: Re: Layton sucks

the "election promises of the jack harper are just like the election promises of the steven martin, and both of those are just like the election promises of the Paul layton!

Don't worry, when the ndwhatever abandon all after the election and say absolutely nothing at all about REPEAL, the

Marijuana Party will still be there fighting for REPEAL like other parties fight for TAX and SPENDING Canada to death.

it always has been that way.

and LOL the ndwhatever hovering at 15% in the polls will never form the government so , they will never REPEAL prohibition , just like they never repealed it in BC, Manitoba or Sask.

In those provinces when they were in power they continued to lock people up with serial killers and rapists, thats the real ndwhatever position on Prohibition, they like it.

The Marijuana Party on the other hand says NO to Prohibition in a LOUD VOICE!

This election there is a difference, there is a party that cares, and does not want to TAX and SPEND Canada to death.

This election forget all the "election promises" and stick to the facts, make your Vote count and


Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!