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Poster: MPoA
Subject: Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71

Well this forum is better as it seams to have no totalitarian dictator censoring and banning people because they debate them into the ground on political party platforms.

That totalitarian censoring stuff may be an influence of the Big Money political parties. After all thier prose is sweet sounding, thier manners impecable, thier typos non-existant as editor after editor makes sure there isnt any like my e-scripts have. Thier promises are many, thier retoric filled with wonderful sounding words that say over and over "Vote for me, because I say so."

Unfortuantly, though thier promises are well written and have no typos, they are hollow and filled with nought but hot air. Thats why the tempature is rising all over the world In My Opinion.

The Marijuana Party on the other hand has a realistic platform that is simple to understand, easier to implement, and benificial to all in Canada at no extra cost to the taxpayer!

This is why there is 8 heroic candidates in BC.

I can understand why some in BC decided not to run in this election. After all it takes Bravery and such things to be a Candidate for the political party with the coolest T-Shirts on the debate podium. . .
It's far far easier to sit back and throw your support behind a Big Money Political party. That way you don't have to do much but perhaps throw some money at a printer or two.

that is the Big Money political party way. To do none of the work, and claim all the credit. After all look how they all unsuccessfully tried to copy the successful, easy to implement, beneficial to all,
Marijuana Party Platform . And of course none of them give credit or mention the Marijuana Party. In Fact most calim, they did it all on thier own!

It is great to see so many Candidates running in BC, And in My Opinion That is part of the reasons why so many in BC decided to run this election as candidates for the Marijuana Party of Canada.
Bravery, and a realistic platform.

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!