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Poster: MPoA
Subject: Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71

Yes, that is the sentiment right across Canada.

And typos are a part of life, I make them all the time, and usually they are not too bad, the gist of what people convey is always there, and I find that just the nutbars and such complain about the typos on the net.

In every province and territory, people are sick of getting ripped off by all the scandle plauged pocket lining Governments.

nd whatever, cons libbies, no difference but the spelling. They are all the Big Money Party there for themselves and thats it.

The only time they actually seam to give a dam is when it's election time. And then they all promise the full moon waving in the sky. All you got to do is pucker up and Vote for it, and there will be a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage and things will all be better!

LOL its a broken record they all play every day when its election time. Yet which ever is in there, its scandle after scandle, robbing of the taxpayers pockets, until everyone is desensitized they see so much crap day after month after year after decade.
then they do not Vote, for they figure there is no one to vote for.

Well now there is. It is the Marijuana Party. We do not have hoakie decrim buried somewhere down on page 56 and give it one paragraph as some political parties do.

No we have right there all over the web site, on almost every page there is.

Our party name is new, brave, bold, idealistic, Canadian, and shows we have a platform that is multifacetted yet simplistic in its form. Our name is so thought provoking the media almost refuses to publish it, unless, because of ratings and profit, they can make someone look like a herb smoking madperson. Because that thing they are scared of, the Truth, is:

Our realistic platform Works!

Support REPEAL OF PROHIBITION not draconian Recrim or hoakie decrim. VOTE MARIJUANA PARTY!