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Poster: Anonymous
Subject: Re: 8 Candidates in B.C., grand total 71

Livin in bc on the island for over 25yrs. Talking to ppl over 40 yrs of age, livin provincally under ndp. We are all tired of the ndp lies and scams. Thats how the liberals got in last provincal vote. Now they too are showing there true colours . Since now each vote is worth something more now, with the money the ndp gets from ppl voting. Will not be used it to help support mj. Instead use it to increase the membership of unions. Livin on the island, the ndp left us alot of clear cuts to remind us. Cant say been watchin the fast cat ferrie driving buy anytime soon. I really believe like many here, Jack Layton might believe in changing mj, but at what cost. How much will they line there own pockets. Ehh Glan Clark and his cansino and bingo scams. I fight for the enviroment, from 1981 save the whales to the Clayquot sound logging. After all these yrs, still cant trust a unionized party, as all i will see, is less trees, more whales dying, and taxed mj. Then the ndp say they will help health care from taxes on mj. But nothing said about saving our eco system. Maybe if we had a cleaner, safer, ecological place to live. We might need less health care. Without trees, without mother nature helpin us, we will not survive anyways. Just look at how much cancer there is today. Just try to swim next to stelco in hamilton ontario, in cootes paradise. Theres some great ndp support there too. I wouldnt want to see the islands like that. So we must look and see, just what a union really does. If the group at CC is into ndp, well why not print the mag with union workers, or the ndp printed material Marc had done, why not have the union tag on it. Well after lookin at the CC mags, guess they must be supporting union, as its not printed on hemp paper, nor on recyclable paper, cant seem to find the logo. Just my 2 cents, knowing mj isnt all about just gettin high, or is it. So good luck to all who are running for the mj party, glad to see theres still canadians not selling out. Sorry for my spelling, ive tried to go back to school, but the provincal ndp busted my ass , so i couldnt get back in. Give it shit, work hard, there are alot in bc, watchin , and are focused at what cost we have all ready paid.