Our CBD manufacturing team has mastered the art of creating a wide variety of CBD products that your customers will come back to, time and time again.

It’s December 2017 as we’re writing this, and are farming team has already harvested the latest crop of cannabidiol rich industrial hemp plants. The challenges of farming hemp have never ceased, in fact the challenges continue to grow as we scale our operations up in order to facilitate for the increasing global demand for our extracts, tinctures, edibles, oils,  and salves. Hail, pests, transportation, cloning, chromatography; each aspect of CBD product creation requires its own professionals and the finances to sustain a long-term operation.

The final product results in the following products, but isn’t limited to them by any means. More on this later, but when you find the people who know the information about CBD manufacturing, a whole new realm of opportunity will open up for your stores and development teams in a way that you never had thought possible a few years back.