The famous cartoon series has taken millions of people around the world across unexplored digital lands, escaping threatening beasts and scientific creations which are attempting to destroy the planet. The series has gotten so popular, that people have created glow in the dark bongs with Rick, Morty, and various beasts.

The Space Alcoholics Bong

Hand painted with two tones of paint, this bong features a teal spaceship with two skulls on either side.
Rick appears to be leaning on the robot from Futurama, while chugging back on a bottle of alcohol.

Not quite sure how an alien robot is able to drink alcohol, however I believe this scene is inspired by an episode in one of the series. If you know where we can watch this one, please comment below!

  • Orange glow in the dark paint
  • Teal glow in the dark paint
  • Thick Glass
  • 12.5″ Tall
  • Hand Crafted

Rick Solo Bong

This is a teal and light green glow in the dark Rick bong with spirals and stars appearing across the glass. The design seems to be inspired by the interesting ideas which appear into people’s minds when they intake cannabis. There was one time where I took my first bong rip, and I was put into a vision with a large golden ring which seemed to go on for eternity. In the dream I was flying around the ring, attempting to find the end. The only thing in sight was the shimmering gold and the loop of eternity which is quite real in our universe.

  • Inspired by psychedelic thoughts
  • Jazzy
  • Hand Crafted
  • Glow in the dark teal & green.

Green Morty & Monster Bong

A child eating monster is just around the corner, as Morty stands oblivious to what’s going on. Should he climb the tree to escape to safety, or can the beast climb the tree as well? Seems like the monster’s feet are not made for climbing…

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