We've searched up and down the Northern Hemisphere to find extractors and formulators that have the industrial manufacturing experience necessary to produce an actual full spectrum pharmaceutical grade phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil that is naturally high in CBD. Our CBD production team prides themselves in extracting the finest selection of made to order CBD products. The CBD extracts that we're showing you on this website are pure enough to crystallize in their container. When the cannabinoid oil melts down and cools, it will then recrystallize into a new formation. No crystal formation is ever the same, and every new batch of CBD oil contains a slightly different variation of cannabinoids. We're happy to have found a source full spectrum hemp oil contains approximately 87.3% CBD, 3.84% CBN, 2.98% CBG, and 2% CBC.

We supply CBD products with 0% THC at the lowest rates in the market place, because our strategic connections with manufacturing facilities allow us to create pure cannabinoid extracts from industrial hemp plants at a fraction of the price that the current market is. Generally, our products will have more CBD for less money than virtually anyone else. We know that this is a bold statement, so we’ll be happy to price match on the leading CBD brands on the marketplace. You only have to message us on Facebook, and our representative at the MarijuanaParty.org Facebook fan page will be happy to answer your price matching inquiries.

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